Hi, My name is Kris Ann Bennett and I’m just entering the Blogging world.  I plan on using my blog to write about my life….very little will be off-limits.  At 50, it’s time to be candid and real.  My life is currently undergoing many changes.  My daughter and son-in-law gave me my first grandchild this past summer.  I have a wonderful step daughter who is very smart and hard-working.  My husband is a OTR driver and we only get to see other a few days a week.  Our at home children are 2 dogs, spoiled completely, Taffy and Riley.  I’ve taught for the past 19 years.  I’ve recently changed districts and I am so happy to be in a smaller district.   My spare time is taken up with quilting (sewing is a new hobby), my dogs, a love of technology, and of course, my grandson, Wesley.  I’m obsessed with Mickey Mouse.

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