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Thanksgiving is Over

Started the Thanksgiving break by going to Round Rock to help take care of my daughter who had the flu and my grandson.  My son in law is awesome, but having two babies to take care of is a bit much!  Even for him!  Loved spending time with them, even if Heather was sick!  Came home and dod some house work and then cooked…..yes, you read it right….cooked Thanksgiving dinner Friday for my hubby, step daughter and mother in law.  It was good….see for yourself!



Cooked it all myself….except the turkey.  Greenberg smoked that!  If you’ve never had a Greenberg smoked turkey, you have to try one.  They are the best!


We also had pies, made by Brookshires, the local grocery monopoly ~ apple and pecan.  They were yummy as well.  Now, it’s time to get ready to back to work.  We have two days left.  I’m going to do some crafting and then I have to start printing out stuff for the first couple of days of school.  Then I’ll be good.  Have to start Christmas shopping sometime soon!  Plan on decorating tomorrow!  Will post pictures of that.


New Year….of blogging


Okay, so I started this blog last year shortly after turning 50.  Today I turn 51.  Boy has a lot happened!  I’ve become a Gigi (grandma)!  I have a beautiful grandson.  A career change has also occurred!  Moving from a large district to a smaller district has been quite the eye opener!  Pretty much like dying and going to heaven…(sorry TISD!).  And so much has happened in the world as well…….we now have to worry about ebola on our soil.  And the political climate is a toxic as I’ve ever seen!

There have been so many times I’ve wanted to come and blog about something…..but then I’d either fall asleep or get busy doing something else (okay, so it usually was the first one, but let me have my fantasy okay?)

One of the things that is very different on my new campus, is we are using the Leader in Me habits for our students.  So I’ve decided to make a pledge (yes. I’m publicly doing this – as this will post to my fb page, linkedin account, twitter and google +) to blog more often.  (Thank you Jennifer Anderson, author of Sunshine and Sassypants, for the inspiration!)

Some of my blogs will be retroactive – I’m going to show how I made my own sewing table from scratch dang it!  I don’t cook from scratch but I sure did make a table from it! (Okay – I did buy the materials from Home Depot…..didn’t cut down a tree and make my own wood, but it’s close enough!)  And I have lots of sewing projects that need to  e posted!  So I hope everyone will allow me that.  (Like anyone can stop me!  It’s my blog!)

Okay, enough now, because I have to go organize my craft room because of the afore mentioned table.   I also have to clean out the guest room for the aforementioned grandson who hopefully will be coming to visit soon!  With his beautiful Momma of course!


And the summer is almost over….for me anyway


Okay, so this summer has been very busy….so busy I haven’t been blogging…at all!  Lots has happened.

At the end of the year, I said good bye to the school district where I taught for the past 18 years.  I’m moving to a smaller district to see how someone else does it.  Every now and again, it’s time for a change…..18 years is over due.  Still teaching RtI so I’ll be familiar with what I’m teaching.

My darling daughter and son-in-law gave me my first grandchild!  He is Beautiful!!!

Gigi's little speedster
Gigi’s little speedster

(don’t you agree?:o)

So I’ve spent some time burning up the highway between my hometown and his.  All this while wearing this.. lovely isn’t it.  I spent all summer in either a black removable boot or this cast.  Trying to avoid surgery on a tendon that no longer wants to play nicely.



But on the up side, we did get the bathroom remodel (yes….one of the first posts on my blog) finished.
Here is a shot of the final product!

IMG_0630      IMG_0631

I have cleaned up the tub since those pics were taken.  Loving it!  It’s so nice to be able to shower in our own shower.  Now, we just have to tackle another room.  It never ends…….

As far as sewing goes, I spent a lot of time at Heathers, sewing burp cloths!!!  Pirate, dinos, and monkeys were the spirit of the burps!  I love sewing for my sweet little boy.  I’ll post pictures of the next project.  Hope it will be a throw for the living room.  We’ll see.

With school starting next week, things will be back on a schedule and I should be blogging regularly again! Lots more to post!


Where has the time gone?

Wow, it’s been forever since I posted and I’ve got so much to say!  I think I’ll have to break it up over several posts!  First and most importantly, my  very first Grandson, Wesley Ryan Parks, has made his debut!  He was born at 1:27 am, weighing in at 7 lbs even and 21 inches long!  He made his grand entrance July 29, 2014.  He is adorable!


My daughter and son-in-law are both doing well.  I’m staying with them to help out for a little while.

This really makes you think.  When you become a parent, you know there is no way you could ever love anyone more than your child….then you have a grand child.  To know that your baby helped create this beautiful blessing and God has given them the opportunity to watch over a little life!  It is so amazing and it just takes your breath away.  I knew it would be hard to watch her go through labor, but she handled it wonderfully and her husband is the most supportive husband ever!  I could not have picked a better man for her if I’d been allowed to!

She is stepping into the role of Mom.  It’s time for me to take on a new role, Grandmother.  I’m hoping Wesley will call me “Gigi”.  I think I’m too young for other traditional names.  It’s weird feeling…it’s humbling….it makes you think of your own mortality.  This circle of life that plays out daily, we grow older, we raise our children, watch them raise theirs…..  I’ve done a lot of thinking about my Mom and how she handled being a Grand mother or Nana.  I know she was a great mom, but I’ve never really looked at how I felt about her being Nana.  Looking back, I see she was great at that too!  She encouraged Heather’s creative side, using her talents and strengths to bring out traits in Heather.  She isn’t judgmental about Heather, and she always offered me guidance and support.  I hope to follow Mom’s example with Heather and her son, Wesley.  I think this photo sums up how I feel about being a “Gigi”.




The Cycle of Motherhood

Well, today is Mother’s Day.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I started out by spending some time on my computer this morning.  Found some cool apps, like Clef (see link at bottom of page!) and Waltz.  All I can say is “Way Cool!”

Went to see my Mom, she is indeed my hero!  IMG_1480


Here she is at Heather’s house.  Heather is my daughter.  Do we all get along?  See for your self….

Three generations all in a row


Normal looking ladies….right…..

And now you see our alter egos!!

Okay, so now you’ve had a glimpse into the world the men in our lives have to deal with!!

As I’ve enjoyed my day, I’ve thought a lot about being a mom and all it brings.  There is so much that no one told me.

The joy of seeing that sweet face of the baby when she first woke up.  Those snuggles in the morning with baby in footed sleepers. The fear I experienced when during that first sleep over. No matter how well I knew the people where she was staying, the fears of sudden illness, unforeseeable highly unlikely events kept me awake or made sleep fitful and restless.  Then there’s 7th grade.  The year of the invasion of the body snatchers!  I swear, one night I put Heather to bed and during the overnight hours, aliens came and took over her body.  The next morning I woke up a snarling, snippy, grumpy thing in my precious daughter’s body.  That long year of longingly looking at the shell of my child wondering where everything went wrong?  And then the elation when she begin to return to the child I’d raised until that fateful night!!!

When driving school is over and the learner’s permit is exchanged for a real driver’s license….then the worry takes on a whole new meaning.  If you ever get a phone call after going to bed and hear the shaky voice of your child crying telling you they’ve had a wreck, you know that feeling of utter dread!  I will never forget it.  My heart plunges to the bottom of my stomach and I feel as if it’s drowning in a black swampy mire that sucks the life out me.  Then, when I finally see my child…..okay….scared but okay………I can finally breathe again.  And my world that just seconds before was crashing down around me is suddenly all right.

It doesn’t end.  As my child get older these moments happen over and over again in varying degrees and each time I are reminded of what is important in life.  Now, my child is about to embark on this journey herself.  She will experience these things and I will do for her what my mother has done for me.  Be there to listen, offer her advice when she asks (Okay, so I’ll probably offer it when she doesn’t ask ….. but that’s a given!) and give her my strength when she needs it.

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