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And the summer is almost over….for me anyway


Okay, so this summer has been very busy….so busy I haven’t been blogging…at all!  Lots has happened.

At the end of the year, I said good bye to the school district where I taught for the past 18 years.  I’m moving to a smaller district to see how someone else does it.  Every now and again, it’s time for a change…..18 years is over due.  Still teaching RtI so I’ll be familiar with what I’m teaching.

My darling daughter and son-in-law gave me my first grandchild!  He is Beautiful!!!

Gigi's little speedster
Gigi’s little speedster

(don’t you agree?:o)

So I’ve spent some time burning up the highway between my hometown and his.  All this while wearing this.. lovely isn’t it.  I spent all summer in either a black removable boot or this cast.  Trying to avoid surgery on a tendon that no longer wants to play nicely.



But on the up side, we did get the bathroom remodel (yes….one of the first posts on my blog) finished.
Here is a shot of the final product!

IMG_0630      IMG_0631

I have cleaned up the tub since those pics were taken.  Loving it!  It’s so nice to be able to shower in our own shower.  Now, we just have to tackle another room.  It never ends…….

As far as sewing goes, I spent a lot of time at Heathers, sewing burp cloths!!!  Pirate, dinos, and monkeys were the spirit of the burps!  I love sewing for my sweet little boy.  I’ll post pictures of the next project.  Hope it will be a throw for the living room.  We’ll see.

With school starting next week, things will be back on a schedule and I should be blogging regularly again! Lots more to post!


Been Very Busy!

Well, I haven’t posted in a while and there’s a reason for that.  I’ve been gone.  I went to Round Rock to see my daughter and her husband.


(Isn’t she a mess!!! She was tired of me taking her picture, so that’s why the face!)

This past Monday we found out that she is having a Baby Boy!


(meet my Grandson!!)

We are so excited!  After her appointment with the Doctor, we went to eat and then it was time to go shopping with My mom.  3 Generations shopping for the 4th. Yes, we had a blast….and yes, this little boy will be spoiled!

We purchased a ton of clothes!  Then we went about painting the Nursery Monday Night.  My Daughter chose gray and navy as the colors.  The room is going to be awesome!  My Son-in-law and his Brother-in-law are putting in wood floors!


(The redheaded one is my Son-In-Law, Jonathan.  His Brother-in-Law, Jona.  Aren’t they both good lookin boys!)


And didn’t they do a great job!  This is going to be the best looking Nursery!

Now, I’m home and I spent last night with my parents.  I’m so blessed that they are both still healthy and active!  We went out to eat, I missed Dad’s 75th birthday by being in Round Rock, but I made up for it last night!

Image   Image

Aren’t they great looking!  I hope that when I am their ages I am as active as they are.

We went to dinner after going to a Fund Raiser for Senator Wendy Davis who is running for Governor of Texas.  I hope she wins!  it would be nice to have a governor who really gets it!  After hearing her, I truly believe she does.


So thankful she posed for a picture with me.  I believe Wendy Davis will be a great Governor!


Dad is always giving advice and he knows lots of folks. Doesn’t matter who you are!

So now, it’s Saturday before the end of Spring Break and I still have so much to do and what am I doing……Posting to my blog and catching up with the ones I follow and finding more to follow!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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