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Done some sewing


This is the quilt top for my Grandson, Wesley’s crib set.  My daughter hunted for a pre-made set but could not find one she liked, so we finally found these fabrics!  Yes, we spent two hours in A Nimble Thimble one Saturday but it was worth it.



The inspiration for the nursery came from these wall hangings she found at Target


Yes, this is the whole starting point of our fabric – color search that lasted months!  But, all’s well that ends well!  Now, Wesley will have a custom made bedding set sewn by his Gigi!

To make it I had to develop a pattern, being a math geek, that involved breaking out the graphing calculator! (No, I didn’t use the graphing feature, but I love the screen that shows multi-line calculations!


This is what I used when sewing the blocks and putting the strips together.  It looks good.  As a beginner, I’m still learning and there are some places that don’t match up exactly, but that’s okay.  I’m going with the idea “that gives it character!”

My next project will be the crib skirt.  I found a tutorial here that looks super easy to follow.  Of course, I’m going to complicate it, but that’s another post!

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