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Been Very Busy!

Well, I haven’t posted in a while and there’s a reason for that.  I’ve been gone.  I went to Round Rock to see my daughter and her husband.


(Isn’t she a mess!!! She was tired of me taking her picture, so that’s why the face!)

This past Monday we found out that she is having a Baby Boy!


(meet my Grandson!!)

We are so excited!  After her appointment with the Doctor, we went to eat and then it was time to go shopping with My mom.  3 Generations shopping for the 4th. Yes, we had a blast….and yes, this little boy will be spoiled!

We purchased a ton of clothes!  Then we went about painting the Nursery Monday Night.  My Daughter chose gray and navy as the colors.  The room is going to be awesome!  My Son-in-law and his Brother-in-law are putting in wood floors!


(The redheaded one is my Son-In-Law, Jonathan.  His Brother-in-Law, Jona.  Aren’t they both good lookin boys!)


And didn’t they do a great job!  This is going to be the best looking Nursery!

Now, I’m home and I spent last night with my parents.  I’m so blessed that they are both still healthy and active!  We went out to eat, I missed Dad’s 75th birthday by being in Round Rock, but I made up for it last night!

Image   Image

Aren’t they great looking!  I hope that when I am their ages I am as active as they are.

We went to dinner after going to a Fund Raiser for Senator Wendy Davis who is running for Governor of Texas.  I hope she wins!  it would be nice to have a governor who really gets it!  After hearing her, I truly believe she does.


So thankful she posed for a picture with me.  I believe Wendy Davis will be a great Governor!


Dad is always giving advice and he knows lots of folks. Doesn’t matter who you are!

So now, it’s Saturday before the end of Spring Break and I still have so much to do and what am I doing……Posting to my blog and catching up with the ones I follow and finding more to follow!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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