Wow! It’s been a year!

Okay, so it’s been a year since I posted to my blog.  Let’s see, has much happened…….You tell me.


I now have 2 grandchildren – a beautiful granddaughter was born on Feb. 2, 2016.  Her name is Emma.



I did a lot of sewing for her, made her bedding just like I did Wesley’s.  Here are some of the little things I sewed!


The boppy cover was the second zipper I’ve ever put in.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought and it was fun.

I’ve also become the Assistant Principal of my campus.  So I have a new job to learn and it’s been challenging.  I’ve done okay, but made some mistakes and I’m sure I’ll make more, but I love it.  Life is moving forward a fast pace and I’m just trying to keep up.



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